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Beautiful Angels

I travel. I travel constantly. I travel five days a week for business, I travel weekends for pleasure. My home is an array of hotels, Hiltons, Holiday Inns or whatever William Shatner hooks me up with. My transportation consists of economy rental cars and cramped airplanes. My friends work at these airlines, hotels and rental companies. My office is any place with accessible electricity and Wi-Fi. My pride is completed tasks, on time arrivals, airline statuses and successful wake up calls.

The last thing I want to do when I return home after three consecutive weeks of travel,( After three weeks of work in Boston, Massachusetts, Mobile, Alabama and Jacksonville, Florida and two weeks with the girlfriend somewhere deep in Montana.) is clean! When I first open the door to my apartment, I unleash the long imprisoned contents of my suitcase and watch as it springs itself free only to rest upon the floors, counters, couch, bathrooms and anywhere else it may land. My rarely used silverware, used once again, though not put away. Dirty forks, dirty dishes and used napkins find themselves spread all across my kitchen and dining room. My bed becomes unmade from use.

I will leave again on Monday. Friday through Sunday I am in a rush to do a million things while I am still in my town. I have friends to see. I have bills to pay. I have a car to upkeep. I have haircuts to get. I have clothes to launder. I have a bike to ride. I have books to read. I have beer to drink! I have a house to clean. Though, in all honesty the latter seems to never be accomplished, at least by me.

I have hired a cleaning company and respect no job more than the job they do for me. The beautiful woman who comes and cleans my house is an angel. (I only assume she is beautiful, I only assume she is an angel, because no one would do that task without being both!) I destroy my apartment. I find a clean place, a wonderful area in a wonderful neighborhood and think for no rational reason; it is a great idea to drop a tiny nuclear bomb right in its middle. There is an incredible mess, there is radiation! And when they come to my apartment, without masks or complaints, its floors become sterilized and my mind released from the stress of another task.

This is a great luxury I have become accustomed to. One of the last I would give up in an ultimate crisis, which it would have to be for me to consider it. I have great respect for these women and those men doing the task, I flat out refuse to do! I was raised by a woman who did the same task. She did this same task long before she way paid for it, back when my baby, toddler and teenager self was dropping tiny nuclear bombs all over her house! She cleaned it, without masks and without complaints. Then she did the same again, to our own house and to others. With the small profits coming in from her selfless venture, she gave my siblings and me a wonderful education. She is a real woman of sacrifice and is to be admired.

With this sacrifice and pure determination, which started long before dollars were ever introduced, she started a business. With this business she is still doing selfless acts of incredible kindness as she has done her whole life and will continue to do.

 What I am saying, what I am getting at, is when these women and men (beautiful angels) walk into your home, know what they are capable of, know what they may have done. You don’t have to behave any different than you are now, just know.


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11 thoughts on “Beautiful Angels

  1. Your words are pretty erratic.

    I do agree, though, that it takes some great patience and love to clean.

    Cleaning ‘was’ (perhaps, still is) a hobby of mine. But, over time after some serious abused by others it has become something I just do because I have to.

    Taking things for granted – I would say it’s simply something most are very good at. When favors are being fulfilled, they will continuously come at way.

    I suggest you should be clean yourself.

    Like my sister always tell me, ‘No way I’m cleaning the restroom.’

    Like I always reply back, ‘If I have the same thought, you would be sitting on a pile of pee.’

    • Erratic yes. ( not my best flowing work certainly )

      Though I am erratic, so these cleaning ladies are crucial for my well being.

      If no one is going to clean, of course, I would do it myself.

      Though if you can afford it, do it. There are a million other things you can be doing with your time besides cleaning!

      Thanks for reading!

      • Hmmm,

        Once it has become a comfort to have others clean for you, it’s hard to actually do it yourself.

        I do all the cleaning in my home. No one does it even when I don’t do it.

        But if you have the money to spend, do it. I mean, you sure can do a million more things besides cleaning when one of the things can be cleaning.


  2. Money helps. 😉

    Thanks for the “like,” I will be following.

  3. gingerjudgesyou on said:

    I am a TIDY person but I abhor cleaning. Now I live with a boy so there are twice as many dishes and the entire living room is his personal coat hanger..Arghhh! (leavelovedoneswithlovingwords leavelovedoneswithlovingwords leavelovedoneswithlovingwords). It stresses me out, but I can’t bring myself to pay someone to clean for me because I have no real excuse for not doing it myself and I also kind of feel like I would turn into a total snob! Great post though!

    • It is totally worth the snob risk-
      You’ll have more time to do snobby things-
      Like drink wine or do nothing at all-

      Thanks for reading

    • I understand what you mean.

      I have recently quit the job that has required me to travel so much and have been doing all the cleaning myself. Though halfway through cleaning the bathroom I start wondering if I should look for the telephone and call those angels to finish up!

      • gingerjudgesyou on said:

        Resist the urge! Like me, you have no reasonsble excuse! Although, if you were going to call them for anything, the bathroom would be the right choice…ick… But the again do I want some lady enduring that/judging me for my disgusting bathroom. I think embarassment alone would keep me from picking up that phone.

      • I flush all my pride down that toilet before I call. 🙂

      • gingerjudgesyou on said:


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